All assessments are given personally by “Grandmaster Fanelli” on a one-on-one basis. Assessments take place during regularly scheduled classes in the back corner of the studio or on the main training floor. Assessments are conducted one to two weeks prior to the graduation ceremony.

The purpose of the assessment is for “Grandmaster Fanelli” to asses weather or not a student is ready and prepared to participate for their next belt level. Assessments are only given when a student’s PCT (present, correct, test) progress chart card has all of the circles completely filled in.

It is very important that each student has fully learned their curriculum in order to progress to the next belt ranking.

At All-Pro Tae Kwon Do our students work very hard to earn their belts. It may take some students longer than others to achieve their next belt levels. Earning each belt rank is a great achievement & honor.

In the event that a student does not pass the graduation ceremony mentally & physically, then they would do a redo, then automatically be assessed the following month. If a student is having a assessment for Black Belt and he/she does not pass the assessment then they would have to wait 6-12 months to try the assessment again. There will be no exceptions.

“Grandmaster Fanelli” has 41 years of experience in Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do) and he is able to devote his skill and attention to each student during there individualized assessment.

Assessments & graduation ceremony are held once a month.

2023 Dates: 

  • January 28th.
  • February 25th.
  • March 25th.
  • April 29th.
  • May 20th.
  • June 24th.
  • July 29th.
  • August 26th.
  • September 30th.
  • October 21st.
  • November 18th.
  • December 16th.



  • Group A – 9:30am sharp to 11am – White Belt to Yellow-1 Belt.
  • Group B – 11am to 12:30pm – Orange Belt to Red Belt.


  • There are no classes the last Saturday of each month due to the graduation ceremony.
  • Any student that is not participating in the graduation ceremony is welcome to watch.
  • If a student comes late to the graduation ceremony they will not be able to participate & will have to wait until next month to redo.
  • If a uniform has no patches or is dirty the student will not participate.
  • Parents are welcome to take pictures or use a video camera during & after the graduation ceremony.
  • If a student talks during the graduation ceremony they will not participate and will be sent home & they will redo the following month.
  • Each student that is participating in the graduation ceremony should be at the studio (9:45am sharp) 15 minutes before the graduation ceremony.
  • The first thing a student should do when they come into the studio the day of the graduation ceremony is, put shoes away, use restroom, and stretch out.

The Graduation Ceremony includes the following:

  1. Grandmaster Fanelli Conducting the 1 1/2 Hour Curriculum.
  2. Black Belt Staff Assisting.
  3. Studio Insurance.
  4. New Belt.
  5. Art Certificate.
  6. Pre-Assessment.
  7. Wood Boards.

The Black Belt Graduation Ceremony includes the following:

  1. Grandmaster Fanelli Conducting the 2 Hour Curriculum.
  2. Grandmaster Fanelli Conducting the 2 Hour Conditioning.
  3. Black Belt Staff Assisting.
  4. Studio Insurance.
  5. New Embroidered Black Belt.
  6. New Uniform & Patches.
  7. Art Certificate.
  8. Black Custom Frame.
  9. Wood Boards.
  10. Pre-Assessment.
  11. Special TKD Practices.

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