Master Fanelli’s – Leadership Program

Our Leadership Program focuses on making each student a Leader among his or her peers and within the community. Each Leadership Program student will be taught how to be an example for other studio members through building their self-esteem and self-confidence. Discipline, manners, respect and communication skills are all major emphases of the Leadership Program. By teaching each Leadership student how to build life skills, they will be molded into strong individuals in our communities, a quality that they will have the rest of their lives.

A Champion’s Personal Initiative:

People with Leadership qualities will never sit around and wait to be told what to do. They will try to get things done in what they see is the right way. They take responsibility for their actions, even if things go wrong. They will learn from their mistakes and go forward. Other people will always follow people who take the lead. Look around you will see the man-made wonders – all because someone decided to take initiative and achieve something.

A Champion’s Enthusiasm:

Positive feelings that show in your own energetic can-do all attitude, are definitely infectious. Like laughter, your enthusiasm touches everyone who touches your life. Even when work is difficult, when you have a can-do attitude, nothing is impossible. Everything about you adds up, the way you dress, the way you walk and talk, the things you say and do – all this will show you for the warm, energetic positive person you are. As time passes, people will look to you and want you around for the good feeling it gives them to have you around. You will be the sun that shines on the world, giving warmth and joy to all.

A Champion’s Self-Discipline:

As you grow older year by year, you learn that you need to control yourself when you live with other people. If someone does something that makes you angry, you learn that it is up to you whether you get angry. You can learn to control yourself so that you won’t get angry even if someone is being very mean to you. If someone else gets something you want you may become jealous. But, you can also control yourself so you won’t feel jealous. This control over your thoughts and feelings will make you a much-disciplined person. A river becomes useful to a man when it is controlled by a dam. If it is uncontrolled, it will just flow any direction and not be a service to men.


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A Champion’s Positive Mental Attitude:

Listen to your thoughts, Are you thinking Positive about yourself, what you are, what you can achieve, about other people around you, about what is happening around you? When you make an effort to listen to your thoughts, you might realize you are not as positive as you thought you were. So, you will put all your strength into avoiding negative thoughts and make your thinking will gradually become a habit and automatic, like breathing or your heartbeat.

A Champion’s Attitude:

If you fall in something, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Losing in something is usually temporary. It will only make you try harder to succeed. That effort in itself will push you towards success. So, even if you fall in something, always be positive and make up your mind to win and you will. Remember that good steel needs the rest of fire and as you come through difficulties into a winning position, you will have gained that much more confidence and sharpened your skills.

A Champion’s Controlled Attention:

You know it is very difficult to control your thoughts; to keep them is one subject. They keep running everywhere – to your home, to your parents, to a party last week, to the movies you are going to today – and all the while you are seated in class listening to your teacher. Suddenly you bring your thoughts back to class and fine you have missed a lot of what the teacher said. How do you avoid situations like this? How do you control your attention so you can be a model student? First of all, controlling your thoughts needs a great deal of practice. It cannot be done overnight. Begin slowly; gradually pay attention to your thoughts so you know when your mind starts wondering. Then you will be able to stop and bring your thoughts back to class. It is not easy but as you keep on doing it, you will improve your ability to control your attention and then – you will be a perfect listener with 100% control on attention.

A Champion’s Greeting:

First impressions matter a lot because the way a person thinks of you first is going to be there always. If you see a hunched up person who walks as if the weight of the whole world is on his shoulders, if he is frowning and looks angry. What will you think of him? On the other hand, if you see a person, who stands straight, smiles when talking to you, looks at you straight in the eye and greets you warmly, what would you think of the person? This would be a champion’s greeting. Let it be yours.

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