Private Lessons are to give students one-on-one personalized attention. They are done in the studio in the back corner where there are no distractions. Private Lessons can include: Forms, Kicks, Sparring, Sparring Drills, Stances, Blocks, Hand Techniques, Boxing, Boxing Drills, Self-Defense, Curriculum, Board Breaking, Weapons.

They can be done at any time of the day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Weekdays or Weekends.

To schedule a “Private Lesson” please call (408) 358-6042 or e-mail at

Dear Master Fanelli,

We started our son on your one on one program this past summer. Our hopes were to have him learn Self-Discipline, exercises, and stretches to benefit his baseball “career”. We have been so very pleased with the results! Our son not only learned stretches and exercises to help him in sports, he learned self respect, respect for others and a sense of Confidence he hadn’t had before. He thoroughly enjoys his one on one private lessons and because of his summer success he has continued his private lessons indefinitely .

Thank You!

Mr. & Mrs. David Anderson – Los Gatos

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