Belt Rank Testing

When the student has trained and learned properly all the required material by attending class on a regular basis and has demonstrated on a regular basis the proper attitude, skill and rank requirements needed to attain the next level, then the student will receive “at any time” a test notice with all of the required information and testing fee. On test day, the student will arrive at least 15 minutes early to get ready and prepare for the test. Normally a student will be testing with a group of other students. We do offer Private Testing for an Additional Fee of $50.00 Per Student if you cannot make the test date or the student may wait until the next group test date becomes available.

Beginners Rank

In the beginning levels, the student will develop a solid basic foundation of motion and technique which includes stances, blocks, hand techniques, basic kicks, falling and balance improvement. Self-Defense techniques and maneuvers are simplified and easy to understand and performed at this level. A positive, friendly, respectful attitude and proper etiquette skills becomes a necessity for advancement to the intermediate ranks.

Intermediate Rank

In the intermediate levels of training, the student will begin to transform his/her basic foundation movements into more sophisticated techniques and will become more proficient with his/her beginning material. Power and fluidity becomes a primary emphasis as the student learns new material and techniques. Sparring and partner drills are required for advancement to advanced ranks.

Advanced Rank

In the advanced ranks the student’s memory and physical abilities have improved to such a degree that new theories and ideas can be integrated in the advanced material while giving feedback about what was learned. Speed, agility and timing become the primary emphasis as the student begins to formulate and understand the complete Tae Kwon Do system as a whole. From an internal standpoint the student shows leadership qualities and carries him/herself in a confident outgoing manner.

Black Belt Rank

For the student to achieve the rank of Black Belt, he/she must perform with direct and focused execution of all basics, techniques, forms and maneuvers with a partner and understand the principals, terminology, and sequential motion on all material up to Black Belt. Power, speed, agility, balance, timing and accuracy merge together as one in the execution of Tae Kwon Do. Focus, determination and the warrior fighting spirit are at your command, ready for action when necessary. Honor, Loyalty, Respect and Dedication shine forth as the student achieves the rank of Black Belt. Once the Black Belt rank is achieved, the student becomes an expert and is shown the due respect of such an accomplishment by having all other students show a bow of respect as the Black Belt enters the room. This proper etiquette response instills inspiration in all other students on their journey to Black Belt.

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