12/7/23 – Nina Bordeaux – Campbell

My 4 year old started a few months ago and absolutely loves it. I’ve seen him wanting to be more self-sufficient and responsible. Grandmaster Fanelli does a great job keeping the kids very disciplined and also having fun. I think we will be coming for many years.

11/1/23 – Mateo Uriarte – Los Gatos

Our son started at All-Pro about 3 months ago, and we can ALREADY see a positive change in him. His self esteem has improved greatly, along with his focus, and even his grades. Grandmaster Fanelli embodies the values he teaches, and is VERY hands on. Aside from having older students conduct warm ups, Grandmaster Fanelli teaches EVERY class EVERY day. He is caring but firm, disciplined but understanding and my wife and I still can’t figure out how he remembers EVERY student by name. The studio is well equipped and ALWAYS immaculate, and he welcomes family to stay and observe their children. The pricing is well worth the return on investment, and classes are 6 days a week, so you can attend as often as you are able. We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

10/3/23 – Catherine Wong – Los Gatos

My 6 year old son has been with All-Pro Taekwondo for 3 months now. Prior to All-Pro, my son did Kungfu for 6 months and Taekwondo elsewhere for a month. He used to complain to me all the time that he didn’t want to go. I respected his opinion and we stopped. However, after a bullying incident I asked my son to reconsider. I am so glad I found All-Pro and Grandmaster Fanelli. During the whole time he was there he looked forward to his taekwondo class and had not complained once. I can see why. Upon entering the studio you will find All-Pro a really clean, spacious, and well maintained studio with all kinds of gear. But what really engaged the children is Grandmaster Fanelli’s enthusiasm toward martial arts and his ability to make every student feel important. It is amazing how Grandmaster Fanelli knows the names of hundreds of students by heart and he makes sure each student feels empowered from day one. Grandmaster Fanelli has the ability to teach students tough things like discipline and hard work via martial arts, while still infuse his classes with a lot of fun. I have never seen a studio with a single teacher running 6 days a week with over 30 years of experience. That in itself speaks volumes about Grandmaster Fanelli’s love for Martial arts and teaching. If you are looking for a martial art studio in the area, I wholeheartedly recommend All-Pro Taekwondo.

9/15/23 – Vijayan Singh – Los Gatos

My two sons (9 and 12 years) have been learning from Master Fanelli. He is great at teaching kids and works patiently with them helping to improve their skill. My kids enjoy going to his classes. I highly recommend this place.

8/28/23 – Bora Kim – Cupertino

Grandmaster Fanelli is AMAZING. I tried to put my son (5) to do tae-kwon do before but he always said NO, until he met Grandmaster Fanelli. He is in absolute love with all-pro Tae-Kwon Do. It has great curriculum and teaches the students all the basic necessity to be responsible and respectful. Grandmaster Fanelli not only teaches kids to be strong and honorable physically but also mentally. My son looks forward to going to the class everyday and tries his best to do well. All thanks to this wonderful studio. Thank you, Grandmaster Fanelli!

7/12/23 – Siddharth Partha – Los Gatos

Both my daughters have been going to All-Pro Tae Kwon Do for the past six months, and they love it. I find them physically stronger, more agile and mentally tougher. Grandmaster Fanelli does an amazing job instilling discipline and dedication into the kids, but yet keeping it very enjoyable for them. Highly recommend!

6/16/23 – Namitha Savvy – Saratoga

I’m glad I put my son in taekwondo at this location. Grandmaster Fanelli is a very good teacher. I like the way he teaches kids by putting personal attention. My son was in another martial arts before where he was not interested to go to clases however gong to taekwondo with grandmaster Fanelli he is looking toward to go every day. In terms of the pricing, he is very reasonable and we can see that he conducts classes with passión and not for making money.

5/3/23 – Link Huang – San Jose

In the beginning, we brought our 7 year old son to All-Pro TKD because of the Google reviews. After our son started his lessons, we can see why all the reviews are good. Grandmaster Fanelli is really excellent with kids. He’s very kind, but have his way with teaching deciplin and the kids enjoy listening to him and follow his instructions. The way classes are structured also give us a lot of flexibility to attend whenever we have more or less time.

4/3/23 – Stacy Davis – Santa Clara

We have our kids enrolled in All Pro Tae Kwon Do since last season and we have a wonderful experience so far! Grandmaster Fanelli has a peculiar technique and way of working with children which is firm to take them through the challenge of learning this skill but at the same time he is loving to them that keeps them coming here with excitement! Our daughters are picking up great values such as self respect, discipline and work ethic. We appreciate grandmaster Fanelli’s time and effort in their growth so much! I’d recommend this class while heartedly, it is definitely top notch!!!

3/13/23 – Joseph Kim – San Jose

Grand Master Fanelli is the BEST. He is professional, kind, funny, organized all while being an exceptional Tae Kwon Do instructor. He has an incredible way of keeping order in his large classes while maintaining the children’s interest and focus. We are so happy to be a part of his Studio. Not to mention he throws the BEST birthday parties. He keeps the kids engaged and entertained through out the entire party. Every child at our kids birthday party had a blast. Thank you Grand Master Fanelli!!!

2/28/23 – Cheri Finalle – Los Gatos

My son has been going here for a few months and literally asks to go everyday. Grandmaster Fanelli does an amazing job running an entire room of kids – he misses nothing. And he has amazing ability to get them to focus and teach them to be in control of their bodies. He has them active and partipating the entire time. Truly a great role model and teacher.

1/31/23 – Jennifer Yee – Los Gatos

My 10 year old son and I (squarely middle-aged) joined All-Pro about a month ago. Both of us were warmly welcomed and oriented to the studio by Grandmaster Fanelli. My son takes a pre-teen class where he can train with his peers while I take an adult class – in both Grandmaster Fanelli has some kind of preternatural ability to know what skills each of us need to practice (he also uses a simple method to log our progress towards the next belt level, making it super clear what we need to master). He also offers 2-3 mixed age classes so my son and I can workout together, which was our goal in choosing a martial arts studio. Overall our experience has been great and most of all we are having fun. On a side note, I was concerned that I lost quite a bit of my cardio capacity after I had Covid and that I could never get it back. Well, I was wrong – my cardio is stronger than ever so I guess I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough in my home workouts.

12/19/22 – Svetlana Vaz – Campbell

My daughter Charlotte has been attending Tae Kwon Do lessons with Grand Master Fanelli since October ’22 and recently graduated to the yellow belt. She absolutely loves the class and doesn’t want to miss a single day. The classes are full of energy, engaging, teach discipline, perfection and ambition. Grand Master Fanelli has a natural and fun style of engaging with all of the kids and instills some deep values as part of the studio culture so it’s not just about the kicks. He constantly motivates the kids to be the best version of themselves. I love how he knows every kid by name! If you want structure, discipline, fitness, and respect for your kids I totally recommend All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio.

11/16/22 – Sharanya Munshi – Campbell

My son started taking Tae Kwon Do lessons with Grand Master Fanelli at the end of August and we absolutely love the studio. I did a lot of research prior to picking a studio to start with and ultimately went with All Pro Tae Kwon Do at the recommendation of a friend. At the very first evaluation, Grand Master Fanelli had my son feeling very good about himself and even let him break a board. My son was so excited about breaking a board that he couldn’t wait to come back.

I love the way the classes are structured where it’s a monthly price and you can choose how many classes you go to. Grand Master Fanelli sets expectations clear for how many classes it typically takes to progress to each level and what skills will be taught at that belt. My son knew that it took ~ 24 classes to graduate from his white belt and was very motivated to go 4-5x a week until he got his yellow belt.

The classes are engaging, high energy, and a perfect blend of discipline and fun. The kids are always giggling as Grand Master Fanelli plays games with them at the end to burn some energy and pay attention when practicing their skills. He also has trophies he gives out at graduation for students working extra hard – I LOVE that it’s not a participation trophy but rather encourages the kids to work hard.

We are loving the progress our son is showing and plan to continue for as long as possible! Thank you Grandmaster Fanelli!

8/27/22 – Stephanie Contro – Los Gatos

My son has been taking Tae Kwon Do with Grand Master Fanelli for the last two months and we have been so impressed with the incredible growth we have seen in him. He has just tested from white to yellow belt and is having so much fun! My son is 5 1/2 and can be a bit shy, especially in large group sports settings, but he looks forward to going to TKD. He goes 3 times per week.

Grand Master Fanelli has done such a wonderful job helping him build confidence in a way that is comfortable for him. At the beginning of his TKD journey, he would never be the one to raise his hand to lead a punch or kick examples, and now he’s confidently doing so. We are seeing this confidence build outside of TKD as welll.

Grand Master Fanelli has an intentional, thoughtful, and impactful approach to reaching and building each child’s physical, mental, and emotional strengths. He is the perfect balance of what it means to be serious, focused, disciplined, and hard working yet super fun, engaging, and surprisingly silly! He has a commendable whole body/mind growth approach to his teaching and we’ve seen such great modeling behavior in our son in and outside the studio.

Grand Master Fanelli is so passionate about his craft and you can tell he genuinely wants to not only make a positive impact on the kids, but for them to go out and make a positive impact in their own lives.

Grand Master Fanelli has exceptional command of large classes, but somehow magically manages to ensure time is spent with individual children. He is incredibly organized, there’s a clear process to how his super clean and orderly studio is run, and the kids all follow suit. It is also awesome that he gives mentoring/coaching opportunities to some of the bigger kids by allowing them to come to younger classes to help out.

We are so happy we found All Pro TKD and look forward to many more years with Grand Master Fanelli. Wish I had more than 5 stars to give!

8/1/22 – Ivan Daunis – Los Gatos

We have been sending our 11yr old and 7yr old boys to All-Pro Tae Kwon Do for a few months now and they absolutely love it!! We started the classes during lockdown and Master Fanelli was extremely flexible with virtual classes till we felt comfortable enough to start sending our kids in person. The studio is spacious / clean and there’s plenty of seating for Parents inside and outside. Also the strip mall (where All-Pro is located) has plenty of parking so we never have issues with drop offs and pick ups. Master Fanelli recently organized a social for all his students and families which was so much fun!! His style of teaching is great and helps reinforce disciplined approach to life. We would highly recommend All-pro Tae Kwon Do!!

6/25/22 – Betty Candel – Los Gatos

We are so pleased with Grandmaster Fanelli’s program and coaching. He is tough yet caring for his students and teaches them respect, patience, discipline, sportsmanship and builds confidence in his students. We had the joy of participating in a belt ceremony today and even I was pumped!

His scheduling is super flexible for full time working parents and school times. We have our boys enrolled in other extracurricular activities, but you can really feel the difference between a camp when the workers are hired vs the owner who makes a lifelong commitment to martial arts, the care of the studio and his passion for his work embodies All-Pro Tae Kwon Do.

I would love to see more of Grandmaster Fanelli’s performances and live demonstrations. I wish I had a role model like him when I was growing up!

5/2/22 – Arden Dertat – Los Gatos

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do is a great studio. My 5-year old son has been going there for 2 years now. I wanted him to be active after school, as well as improve his patience, manners and socializing skills. Master Fanelli is a great instructor. He knows how to communicate very well with the kids, and they all love and respect him. My son looks forward to his class days and especially enjoys the game time at the end of the session. The studio is always clean, and it’s very spacious and comfortable. All in all I’m very happy that my son is learning valuable skills and growing wiser under the supervision of Master Fanelli.

4/23/22 – Meron Getachew – San Jose

My daughter has been going to All-Pro Taekwondo for 3 years. It’s has been amazing experience. Master Fanelli is firm but at the same time gentle with the kids. During the pandemic, the kids didn’t miss any classes. He was giving zoom lesson everyday and weekly private lesson with each kid. I honestly respect the dedication he had to keep the kids engaged and excited about Taekwondo. He knows each kid’s strengths and weaknesses which I truly appreciate.
As the kids move up to higher level, they start teaching beginners which teaches the kids discipline and responsibility. The best part of it is as long as you have time, you can bring your kids everyday for lessons for low monthly payment. Overall my daughter is very happy and doesn’t want to miss any lesson. For me, that is all it matters her happiness.

4/15/22 – Carmen Gliga – San Jose

Really enjoy this Tae Kwon Do studio. Kids have a great time going to classes and enjoy sparring with one another. Another great thing is we can drop off all our kids in the same class. We don’t have to worry about coming twice for different classes but rather they all attend together even if they are at different levels/ages. The best part is when kids get their promotion and get their next belt. Its a great experience for both the young and experienced. Master Fanelli has great life lessons and instils good discipline in the students.

3/27/22 – Natalie Horning – San Jose

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Checks all of the boxes for an outstanding experience!!

Grandmaster Fanelli is genuine and uses his expertise to curate effective lesson plans. From the comfort of indoor or outdoor seating I have enjoyed watching my son progress in his skill set, focus, and confidence. It has been incredible to witness the camaraderie among students of all belt levels as they practice martial arts.

We are so fortunate to have discovered this amazing studio!

2/12/22 – Bivin Varghese – San Jose

We are happy to have found All-Pro Tae Kwon Do. Master Fanelli is very passionate about his craft and his studio and classes show case this well.
We enrolled our 7 year old daughter just over 6 months ago. And she enjoys going to her Tae Kwon Do lessons. She is both learning to be more focused,and disciplined, as well as building self confidence. Most of all, she is also having fun and enjoys the games the class plays at the end of each session. Highly recommend!

2/10/22 – Ira Nanda – Los Gatos

I wish I could give this studio more than 5 stars.

Update: My 4 year old son has joined his 9 year old sister in Tae Kwon Do this week.

Grandmaster Fanelli has been amazing with my daughter, supporting and encouraging her at all times in her Martial arts journey, and his tenderness, compassion and playfulness to ease my 4 year old into it has blown me away, it’s that heartwarming and inspirational.

When you join All Pro TKD, you join a family, and there is just so much to be grateful for there.

12/19/21 – Sunil Rajasekar – Los Gatos

Yesterday was an incredible day for my family. To see Aiden get his belt and how proud he was when he got his award was a moment I will never ever forget. His confidence and physical ability have grown a lot since he started and we owe it to you. It’s incredible how you remember everyone’s names and how you find the exact right balance between pushing vs encouraging for the kids and especially Aiden.

You will be amused to know that when we did our Thanksgiving dinner and said our thanks, Aiden said he was thankful for and loved for his family and you. You have a having a huge positive impact on him and I thought you should know.

We are incredibly grateful for your studio and for you.
With much respect and admiration.

12/2/21 – Pradeep Kumar – Cupertino

It has been good experience for my son who was transferred from another facility to All-Pro Tae Kwon Do studio to continue his training. They have structured  curriculum for different levels and provides students a clear view of their journey. Master Fanelli is very involved with students and train them with these skills along with life skills needed. Flexibility to join classes throughout the week is well appreciated as students can choose to go for all 5 days or less.  Overall, I am very happy with the Studio and Master Fanelli.

11/9/21 – Marie Tagne – Los Gatos

My son who is now 4 years old has been doing Tae Kwon Do at All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio since a year and I have seen lots of progress of discipline, focus, commitment, listening.

10/28/21 – Irene Lee – Los Gatos

My son has been attending classes with Master Fanelli for a little over a year now and he absolutely loves going. The class schedule is flexible to accommodate working parents’ needs. The kids learn to be persistent and respectful. There were multiple times when my son struggled, and Master Fanelli has been so encouraging and uplifting. The kids have fun, and learn at the same time. I definitely recommend this studio.

10/14/21 – Pooja Venugopal – Los Gatos 

All Pro TKD is hands down the best martial arts studio to enroll your children in! Master Fanelli brings outmost professionalism in the way he teaches his students and he is a man of discipline. My son started when he was 4.5 years old, in just 6 months he has shown increased focus, respect and confidence in the arts. He begs us to go to class so he can move up in his belt order and even practices at home out of his own will! We are very happy with our decision and the TKD community is extremely tight knit too!

10/3/21 – Suman Mamidi – Los Gatos

Master Fanelli has worked wonders with my 7 year old, “active” kid. He started a year back with Master Fanelli. He loves going to the classes, and practices every day. More importantly, my kid has gained focus in his daily activities as a result of learning from Master Fanelli. Master Fanelli is very good with kids, and kids tend to respect every word he says. Thank you Master Fanelli!

9/27/21 – Shilpa Chen – San Jose

My son is really enjoying his time at the studio! He started over the summer and has been progressing nicely. Master Fanelli does an awesome job connecting with the kids and adults alike. He makes class fun but still keeps everyone accountable. We are so happy that my son has this consistency in his daily routine.

9/16/21 – Mallory Carlson – San Jose

All-Pro TKD has been so wonderful for my son! He’s 7 and this has been the only sport/activity that he’s consistently stuck with and enjoyed so far in his life. Master Fanelli’s teaching style is superb in that he is responsive/sensitive to his students’ needs while also being firm enough to set proper boundaries within which they can thrive, and help them learn a sense of respect throughout the process. He communicates really well with the younger kids, and has no problem being goofy or funny every now and then to put them at ease. Overall, my son and I have really enjoyed our time so far at All-Pro TKD! Highly recommended!

9/3/21 – Adreanne Radonich – Los Gatos

Our son really loved learning from Master Fanelli @ All Pro. Classes are rigorous (perfect for an 8 year old with tons of energy) but also fun. It’s a well organized studio that teaches discipline, encourages listening and respect plus offers an amazing workout. I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in starting martial arts.

8/5/21 – Sumeet Bhargava – San Jose 

We have been sending our 11yr old and 7yr old boys to All-Pro Tae Kwon Do for a few months now and they absolutely love it!! We started the classes during lockdown and Master Fanelli was extremely flexible with virtual classes till we felt comfortable enough to start sending our kids in person. The studio is spacious / clean and there’s plenty of seating for Parents inside and outside. Also the strip mall (where All-Pro is located) has plenty of parking so we never have issues with drop offs and pick ups. Master Fanelli recently organized a social for all his students and families which was so much fun!! His style of teaching is great and helps reinforce disciplined approach to life. We would highly recommend All-pro Tae Kwon Do!!

7/26/21 – Presy Yoder – Campbell

I signed up my 8 year old daughter in this studio last March and Mr. Fanelli is a tremendous mentor of Tae Kwon Do. My daughter is very happy on how he teach all the techniques. We are grateful that we found the perfect studio and very skilled master of Tae Kwon Do. I highly recommended.

7/8/21 – Eleanor Tullis – Los Gatos

My 7 year old daughter takes group classes with Master Fanelli and I take private lessons with him. My daughter loves the energy and fun in the class – it’s a really fun way for her to be active and learn discipline. I also love the sessions – I am learning a new skill and it really is a great workout. I would highly recommend Master Fanelli if you are interested in a fun, energetic, new skill!

6/17/21 – Grace Oh – Los Gatos

I would highly recommend All-Pro Taekwondo to families. My 5-year-old and 8-year-old have been training with Master Fanelli for a few months now, and we are so happy with our experience. He’s deeply experienced and has such a way with the kids, leading them with both discipline and fun. The kids learn how to be respectful and responsible, along with martial arts skills – it’s great, well-rounded training. I’m very impressed with the progress my kids made in just a few months, and the kids are excited for taekwondo class every week. The flexible studio system, which lets you to go any day of the week, as many days as you want, also makes things so much easier for families balancing schedules. We are so glad we chose All-Pro Taekwondo!

5/22/21 – Thanh Tran – Los Gatos

Master Fanelli is a tremendous mentor to my 8 & 9-yr old. They have been attending his TKD classes for about 3 months now. We can totally see the positive transformation in our kids attitude, discipline, physical agility and above all, RESPECT. The master is very personal and fun, but also very disciplined and stern. The kids love his funny personality and respect his teaching. We never thought in a million years that they would come to embrace TaeKwonDo the way that they did. We are so blessed to have found this place for our kids. Their energy level and confidence have noticeably improved. Thank you Master Fanelli for providing our kiddos with a safe place for them to learn and play! Drake & Regan really enjoy being in your class!

4/19/21 – David Knol – Los Gatos

I attend classes here alongside my teenager and have been really impressed with the studio and how it is run. Master Fanelli is the real deal and a great teacher – we have a wide variety of skill levels and he keeps things fresh and challenging for everyone. He is great with the little kids as well and has a real gift for instilling focus and discipline. My fellow classmates made me feel very welcome as a newbie right from the beginning and I have learned a lot in just a few short months!

3/16/21 – Amy Cono – Monte Sereno

What a great studio! My daughter has been attending and Master Fanelli is professional, attentive, and FUN! She loves going, has gained confidence and respect, and consistently asks to return. The studio is well-located, large, and spotless. Plenty of parking too. It is very well organized and the communication is great. You absolutely will not regret signing your kiddo, or yourself, up for this studio!

2/13/21 – Raina Ferzoco – San Jose

All Pro Tae Kwon Do is a fantastic studio. Master Fanelli is very patient and is a great teacher. He’s able to meet students at their level and guide them. The studio is very clean and they have done a great job of adapting to the changing guidelines during the pandemic.

1/8/21 – Mike Brown – Los Gatos

Both of our children started as White Belts with Master Fanelli and continued for years through advanced levels. Master Fanelli does a wonderful job encouraging and supporting both children and adults in maximizing their potential and feeling great about the journey. He is very professional and yet genuinely cares for all of his students. He is always willing to work as hard as they do to make sure they are achieving their goals. We have referred many friends and acquaintances, both children and adults to All-Pro over the years and all of their experiences have been very positive as well!

12/20/20 – Meron Getachew – San Jose

My daughter loves going to all pro Taekwondo. Master Fanelli is firm but at the same time gentle. He teaches the kids how to focus and be disciplined. He gives them life long lessons…. dedication and hard work. Especially during this time, he is doing an amazing job engaging the kids via zoom everyday and also giving 30 minutes in-person private lesson. During summer, he used to take the kids to park to train. I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to try Taekwondo.

12/12/20 – Karri Greenfield – Los Gatos

I started at All Pro Tae Kwon Do about a year ago. I’m an over 60 woman, who thought I might be intimidated by the younger students but I was wrong. Master Fanelli teaches me at my own pace and he creates a welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend for any age!

12/6/20 – Patty Raak – Los Gatos

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do has been a God-send for my son during this pandemic. There is a mutual respect in his sessions. His patience will all the kids is OUTSTANDING. His coaching style is positive and compassionate. My son is new to this sport and he has been very supportive and inspiring to all of us. I am so grateful I reached out to enroll my son in his program. NOTE: Master Fanelli meticulously follows all CDC and county guidelines which provides us trust and confidence in his sessions.

12/3/20 – Nita Esparza – Los Gatos

My daughter has been attending All-Pro TKD since she was 4 in March 2018. Master Fanelli is wonderful at adapting his communication and pedagogical approach to teaching TKD based on the needs of each child. He recognized my daughter’s sensitivity and shyness, and he actively modified his communication style with her in order to help her connect and build confidence. I equate Master Fanelli’s style of instruction, especially to the younger students, to learning a foreign language. Before one can expand their vocabulary and perfect their grammar and syntax, they need to build confidence and develop a sense of the language and communication patterns. Master Fanelli supports the student’s overall movement of body and stability before fine tuning the precision of their form. My daughter is so much more confident and aware of her body as a result of her TKD training. In addition, he always makes sure to integrate fun and humor into each class! As a bonus, Master Fanelli offers fairly priced and fun in-studio birthday party packages. My daughter loved celebrating her 6th birthday at the studio before the pandemic hit. Master Fanelli made sure to make her feel special and proud on this important day. Thanks All-Pro TKD!

11/18/20 – Tina Stein – Los Gatos

We are so glad we found All Pro Tae Kwondo. Let me start from the beginning, our oldest son went for his 4 year old appointment and guess what the doc says, oh he has to go to physical therapy as he doesn’t have enough strength to do 1 legged hops. Are you kidding me??? We did a little research n my husband came up with the idea having him take tae kwondo lessons. Since we are in Los Gatos, All Pro tae kwondo was the closest and thought of giving it a shot. From the very first private lesson to the group lessons, both my boys have shown so much improvement. They can run, kick, box, and have gained much self confidence since. They have excelled in soccer, baseball and swimming. Master Fanelli is such a great instructor and a mentor. He helped my boys get a whole new level of self confidence and maturity. He is the greatest when it comes to patience and persistence with kids. My daughter is 2 year old and he has been so patient with her as well. He never charged us a penny for any of her private lessons till she tested for yellow belt and was ready for the group lessons. The few previous reviews are complete opposite of what Master Fanelli is when it comes to the monetary part. He is more focused on the kids development and building a warm relationship with them than keeping track of tuition every month. I had lost my credit card last year while traveling and he waited patiently for over a month for me to make payments till I received the new card. Would highly recommend this studio for anyone looking to put their kids in martial arts and gain some self discipline and confidence for their kids. Andrew Fanelli makes the classes so much fun with games that my kids literally want to go to his studio everyday.

11/9/20 – Kalisha Emami – Los Gatos

We absolutely love master Andrew Fanelli! He has been such a great mentor for our son, who is excelling at TKD. His studio is specious and airy, and our son looks forward to each and every class!

11/8/20 – Ola Sorensen – Los Gatos

Master Fanelli is a great instructor! He has many years of experience and it shows. The studio is large, clean and well organized. Both my kids love going to class and have learned so much. I highly recommend All Pro Tae Kwon Do!

10/19/20 – Cathy Guenther – Los Gatos

Great experience with All Pro TKD! My 12 yr old is really enjoying taking classes with Master Fanelli. Schedule is flexible with classes to choose from all week long. I like that the owner teaches the classes and he makes sure to not only teach them the skills of TKD, but has fun with them as well.

9/18/20 – Sara Rosenberg – Los Gatos

Master Fanelli’s All Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio has surpassed my every expectation for my two young sons, ages 6 and 10, who have reached green stripe belt status. The discipline, focus, respect and leadership skills developed in nearly 3 years are palpable both inside and out of the studio. My oldest son’s soccer skills have improved, as a result, too. Master Fanelli also trains us in Thai Boxing, a series of empowering survival skill techniques which I am benefiting from, as well. I would encourage more students, young and old, to train with Master Fanelli. His heart and soul are generous beyond measure. I am so grateful to him and his studio practice.

9/6/20 – Kristoffer Gronowski – Monte Sereno

Master Fanelli is fully devoted to Tae Kwon Do and has been an excellent teacher for both my kids staring very young and later to me since I got tiered to just be the driver and joined after a couple of years. Kids learn discipline and focus and the power of repeating and memorizing Palgwe forms. There is also plenty of opportunity to have fun, get a great workout, stretch and get conditioned. Good verity of everything and flexibility of working out 6 days per week.

8/24/20 – Kristina Sajko-Dvornik – Campbell

We absolutely love All-Pro TKD! When we decided to move to a new TKD studio, we knew exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a professionalism, good communication, and consistency. After researching and reviewing all the studios in the area, the only studio I was immediately driven to, was All-Pro. Their website provided all the information I needed. Their class schedule is always posted on line. Different techniques are assigned to each day of the week so you can pick the one you want to work on and attend on those days. The studio is spacious and always clean. Master Fanelli is an amazing teacher. He is amazing with kids and kids love him. He provides a great learning experience while also giving kids space for play. At the end of each class they play different games and all the kids love it. He also allows kids to move on their own pace by separating them in different groups, depending on where they are at the moment. He keeps track of the progress of each and every student. After spending a whole year in All-Pro, I can confidently say that all our expectations and needs were met on the highest level and I’m very satisfied with our choice! We highly recommend All-Pro Taekwondo! Thank you Master Fanelli!

8/13/20 – John Stringer – Los Gatos

We have two of our kids enrolled at All Pro Tae Kwon Do and they have absolutely enjoyed every minute. They have learned self discipline and confidence all within a short period of time. Master Fanelli has been a great mentor to our kids! The method of learning makes is very easy to pick up no matter what skillset your kid may have. Definitely check them out if you want to learn Karate or Tae Kwon Do.

8/9/20 – Annina Pierson – Saratoga

We hosted my son’s 6th birthday here.
It was great! The kids loved it and Master Fanelli truly gave his all to keep the 15 kids occupied for an hour. The studio is clean and nice, with an area where you can offer food. We brought in all food, dishes, balloons etc and had time to decorate prior to the party. Very convenient and nice.

8/5/20 – Ryan McDonough – Los Altos

Working with Master Fanelli has been a terrific experience for our middle school son. Our friends have been training with Master Fanelli for years, so when our son expressed interest in learning Tae Kwon Do, we knew exactly who to call. We started with personal lessons in studio, but have been able to continue lessons over video during the shelter-in-place. We’ve really appreciated our son being able to continue his momentum. Thanks!

7/27/20 – Maria Carvalho – San Jose

Master Fanelli is just a great instructor. My boys are learning way more than just TKD. He teaches students to respect each other. To always try hard and not to give up. After all the discipline and techniques , there’s always a fun dodge ball game at the end. After all, learning should also be fun.

7/22/20 – Daniel Sachs – Los Gatos

Our son Parker has been a student of Master Fanelli All-Pro Tae Kwon Do since he was 3 years old, a total of 6 years. Master Fanelli works well with all ages, and instills in his students respect, discipline, technique, and character. We as a family felt it was important our son learn some of these life lessons through an art form built around these attributes. Master Fanelli works hard to provide his students with the tools they need to be successful.

7/15/20 – Josh Martinez – San Jose

Excellent for incoming new students as well as returning students. Master Fanelli has shown that he can engage all levels and ages of students in his class. I have been bringing my son here for 3 years now and I see his confidence growing every week. Very pleased with the results after only a few years. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone with the desire to learn.

7/11/20 – Debbie Schultz – Los Gatos

Master Andrew is great with kids. He is able to make my four years old son comfortable and looking forward to go to classes. My little guy wasn’t at the beginning but now he just has so much fun. Going to classes created discipline, respect, sharing and understand teamwork. I highly recommend this place to all kids. It’s a lot of fun too.

7/8/20 – George Mignosa – Los Gatos

This is where I earned my Black belt fantastic instructors a fun and family friendly environment. The best Tae Kwon Do studio around.I recommend All-Pro Tae Kwon Do you will not be disappointed.

7/2/20 – Arden Dertat – Los Gatos

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do is a great studio. My 3-year old son has been going there for a few months now. I wanted him to be active after daycare, as well as improve his patience, manners and socializing skills. Master Fanelli is a great instructor. He knows how to communicate very well with the kids, and they all love and respect him. My son looks forward to his class days and especially enjoys the game time at the end of the session. The studio is always clean, and it’s very spacious and comfortable. All in all I’m very happy that my son is learning valuable skills and growing wiser under the supervision of Master Fanelli.

6/23/20 – Dharti Panchal – San Jose

Both my kids go here. I love it as a parent because they look forward to going there every week. Master Fanelli has a great way of teaching kids TKD, he is firm but friendly at the same time. He teaches the skills during the class and ends with a game or some fun activity. It has been working well for my children and us. One of the important changes I have seen in my kids is discipline, focus, and self ownership.

My husband or I used to sit and watch the kids do the class. It looked so fun and also a good workout. So my husband joined first and I joined few months after. We all do the class now together and enjoy it!

6/22/20 – Katie Radonich – San Jose

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do is a great studio. Both of my kids take classes there a few times a week and love it. My highly energetic, 4 year old boy, is learning focus, patience and respect. My 6 year old girl has already gained so much confidence since starting there. Master Fanelli is a wonderful teacher. You can tell he really cares about all the kids. We are so happy we found this studio!

6/18/20 – Simon Lancaster – San Jose

It has been a pleasure receiving instruction from Master Fanelli over the past three years. Both of my sons started when they were 3.5years old and the oldest is now purple belt. TKD with Master Fanelli has instilled in them a sense of confidence and discipline that I believe is invaluable for their personal growth and character development.

6/13/20 – Addis Walter O’Connor – Los Gatos

Highly recommend All-Pro Tae Kwon Do for people of all ages! Master Fanelli is a fantastic teacher with many years of experience and teaching expertise that he brings to class every single day. He takes great pride in each one of his students and has incredible attention to detail. He is very patient with his young students and facilitates the pursuit of excellence for all willing to learn and put in the work!

6/4/20 – Johanna Sullivan – San Jose

Our son just loves Master Fanelli and is always excited to go to class! He does both group and private classes and we appreciate the flexible schedule (students can attend as little or as often as they want up to 6 days a week). Master Fanelli leads all the classes, the studio is clean, classes always run on time, and there is no minimum commitment. Master Fanelli is great with the kids. He really balances being serious/gaining respect with also being fun – the last 5 minutes of class is game time and he gets right in there with the kids! Highly recommend!

5/11/20 – Elle Dehno – San Jose

Master Fanelli is an excellent instructor with many years of experience. His classes not only teach martial arts techniques but many core skills such as responsibility, respect and leadership. He is friendly with students while maintaining firmness and discipline. He is dedicated to his students and pushes them to be the best they can be. The studio is very clean and well kept with lots of space. Classes times are flexible which made it a lot easier since my daughter has a tight schedule. Thanks to All Pro Tae Kwon Do, my daughter now knows many different moves and techniques along with many ways to defend herself in dangerous situations. I highly recommend this studio.

5/2/20 – Margo Redfern – Los Gatos

My 13 yr old son really enjoys his time at All Pro Tae Kwon Do. Master Fanelli is excellent at getting his students to work towards their best, but in an encouraging and positive atmosphere. I would highly recommend All Pro to anyone looking to develop their skills. Their Teen/Adult class has students ranging from 13-65+ years old. It’s a lifetime sport!

4/24/20 – Rakesh Panchal – San Jose

My experience at TKD is wonderful, I’m doing it for the 1st time and I like it very much. I have learnt more about responsibility, accountability, confidence and motivation as well. Now I have my wife and my kids doing TDK as well and they like it too. This Studio is well organized, clean and has good Energy same as our Master Fanelli. If anyone who is looking for something new or change in they are life I Recommend to try this I promise you wont disappointed!!

4/21/20 – Dave & Keela Robison – Monte Sereno

Our 13 year old son has had a great experience at the studio. The program encourages physical fitness and flexibility in addition to learning Tae Kwon Do techniques. As parents, we’ve appreciated the schedule that allows for a choice of up to six classes each week.

4/12/20 – llil Ginsburg – Los Gatos

Our son is very happy at Master’s Fanelli studio. He is training for a year now and we can definitely notice his progress. He is stronger, more stable and flexible, and more confident. He is asking to go to training sessions and really enjoys the time there. Thank you Master Fanelli for this great experience!

4/3/20 – Kun Hu – Los Gatos

We’ve been with All-Pro over a year. My little girl has so much fun here and made great progress! It is a family friendly environment, great long term learning experience for all ages, not only physically but also mentally. Highly recommended!

3/23/20 – Holly Michelony – Los Gatos

Master Fanelli is super high-energy, and is able to draw in the kids’ attention and instill discipline while maintaining a fun environment. He seems to take a personal interest in every kid; he knows everyone’s name, and how to challenge each to do his/her best.

Unlike other martial arts studios we have tried, All-Pro is well-organized, with clear rules and expectations, and a transparent path to advancement. My 7 year old son loves taking classes here!

2/26/20 – Sharon Song – Saratoga

We have been attending this studio for the past several months with a 5 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. My son has always been interested in martial arts so it was no surprise when he loved the classes. But my daughter who is usually a “girly girl” who I never thought would enjoy TKD is also loving the classes, which is so great to see. Master Fanelli makes the classes fun while also instilling discipline and respect in the students. We come here several times a week and he is always dedicated in his instruction.

2/17/20 – Jens Scheffler – Los Gatos

My son joined around his 6th birthday. I was a little worried that he might be too young but was pleasantly surprised how well he responded to the group training and discipline. The same boy who couldn’t sit still for five minutes at home would be patiently waiting for much longer on the mat until class started. He enjoys both the classes and the games at the end. Now if I could only get him to say “yes sir” to me like he does to Master Fanelli 😉

1/17/20 – Ira Nanda – Los Gatos

We couldn’t be happier with All Pro TKD! It is so great to see our daughter learn self-defense and discipline, and gain confidence under Master Fanelli’s expert guidance. As seriously as the studio takes the kids’ development, its not just strict instruction – Master Fanelli makes it fun for kids by dedicating the last few minutes for games. Our daughter insists on going to class 4-5 times a week, and Master Fanelli does an amazing job of keeping track of each individual child’s personality and progress.

1/9/20 – Paul Schaetzle – San Jose

All Pro Tae Kwon Do is the Studio you are looking for. It took us many tries to find this gem and the Instructor Master Fanelli. We have two boys ages 4 and 6 enrolled at All Pro Tae Kwon Do. Master Fanelli teaches all his classes himself and his is a professional on and off the mat. I recommend if you are looking for a Tae Kwon Do Studio that you come in to All Pro Tae Kwon Do to see for your self or at least give Master Fanelli a call.

1/7/20 – Jennifer Adalja – Los Gatos

We couldn’t have been happier to have found All Pro TKD! Our daughter is a fireball with endless energy, and Master Fanelli is a great teacher on how to channel that energy properly with discipline and fun. The studio is amazing, and if you get the chance… I’d suggest you go check it out for yourself! We love witnessing our daughter develop a passion for the sport in such a short time, and we foresee this turning into a lifelong relationship with the school. 🙂

12/27/19 – Ikbal Alkan – Los Gatos

All Pro Tae Kwon Do is something special. Highly impressive facility and staff. Facility is definitely a cut above your typical martial arts studio. They have a very spacious ,open space with generous and comfortable seating options throughout the studio. Many options for mom and dad to relax while watching the kids class. Master Fanelli had many years of experience working with kids classes, and it shows. The kids enjoy it, and have fun at the same time. He also works with the young children ,challenging and pushing them in every class. My children love All Pro Tae Kwon Do and working with Master Fanelli. Thank you!

6/6/19 – Jennifer Adalja – Los Gatos

We couldn’t have been happier to have found All Pro TKD! Our daughter is a fireball with endless energy, and Master Fanelli is a great teacher on how to channel that energy properly with discipline and fun. The studio is amazing, and if you get the chance… I’d suggest you go check it out for yourself! We love witnessing our daughter develop a passion for the sport in such a short time, and we foresee this turning into a lifelong relationship with the school. 🙂

7/25/18 – Kareen Rivas – Cupertino

My two children are loving here at All Pro Taekwondo and Master Fanelli. They are both always so excited to come to class every day. Master Fanelli has a fun but disciplined way to reach to the children, even the youngest ones. The kids always very engaged and well behaved. I love watching my kids during class and knowing it’s good for them to learn respect, responsibility, following direction and self-defense. I know my two children will flourish with All Pro TKD! I highly recommend this studio to everyone of all ages. Blessings!

6/22/18 – Christy Layton – Los Gatos

I am extremely impressed with the quality instruction my 6 1/2 year old is receiving at All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio during our first 3 months.

Upon first visiting All-Pro Tae Kwon Do, I noticed the spaciousness and extreme cleanliness of the studio. I was greeted by Master Fanelli, who was both personable and professional, while genuinely interested in the reason for my visit. Answering all of my questions and impressed with his responses, I decided to enroll my son during that same visit.

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do has exceeded my expectations. It is a well run studio that is organized and has students always moving and working on improving and/or developing skills. All classes are taught by Master Fanelli himself, which is something to say about his dedication to his students. In turn, they are receiving top-notch training by a 6th degree black belt! Throughout the classes, you can tell he cares about each student’s success. Master Fanelli knows every student’s name and works hard scanning the room to make sure they are working hard and staying on task. He uses positive reinforcement to correct techniques and maintains an environment of courtesy and respect. The last five minutes of class is always FUN! A different game is played each time – usually the kids are dodging balls or different objects coming their way or chasing others in games of tag.

I highly recommend this studio! My son enjoys it so much that he wants to come all of the 5 days that are offered (and are included in the monthly fee so why not!) Thank you, Master Fanelli, for your dedication!


Christy Layton

10/6/17 – Sujin Kim – San Jose

All Pro TKD is a perfect fit for young and big kids. My three year old son throughly enjoys learning there and loves to poke around. All in all, I highly recommend this center for anyone who wants to learn Tae Kwon Do.

9/27/17 – Helen Sun – Los Gatos

Both of my kids (6yr and 9yr) have been going to All-Pro TKD studio for six months now. As the typical kids, they sometimes drag their feet about coming here, but as soon as they arrive, they are fully engaged and ready to learn. I can see how much they enjoy it. Master Fanelli is funny, playful and also knows how to discipline the kids at the same time. The studio is conveniently situation on LG Blvd and he keeps the place very clean.

8/21/17 – Tessa Yamut – Los Gatos

I have been a fitness enthusiast for many years and I was starting to plateau with the same exercise routine. I was exploring other forms of fitness and ultimately decided to sign up for private lessons with Master Fanelli for Muay Thai and some form of martial arts. Master Fanelli and Muay Thai did not disappoint! He is a great and very talented instructor! He is also very disciplined. Most of our training sessions take place very early in the morning (6 am!) and he always shows up on time! For those who know me well, they know I am a stickler when it comes to being on time! He is also very accommodating to my needs; for example, when I don’t feel as challenged, he will increase the intensity and gives me the push that I am looking for! I always look forward to my training sessions with Master Fanelli!

11/16/16 – Catherine Yang – Los Gatos

I am fortunate to found out this place for my son, who is a kinder this fall. Both his friend family and my family choose this place over two other TKD places for the following reasons.

  1. It is in a very convenient location, where we can drop kids off and pick up after the class
  2. There is only one class going on at a time. One other place we visited have more than one classes at the same time which is distracting to 5-6 year olds.
  3. The class is 45 minutes long having very little time of sitting down. (One other place offering mixed skilled level class, that younger kids have a lot more down time.)
  4. The Master not only teaches TKD but also pay attention to behaviors, manners, for example, sitting down properly, eye contact when shaking hands, standing straight etc.
  5. The Master is very strict for testing. The testing is very formal, making the kids feel like it is really a milestone.
  6. The Master also gives out medals to reward hard work and great effort.
  7. The families who join the studios are very friendly and approachable. (One other places, parents are mostly busy with their phones.)
  8. The studio offers freeze of membership when vacation is two weeks or more.My son was hit by his classmate at school (and this is a local religious private school), and Master has offered him and his friends an hour long self-defense class. Teaching him:
    1. having discernment to associate with the right people
    2. having eye contact when saying stop and
    3. some blocking techniques. The Master had also reminded parent to be more hands on and ask kids about the school. We also had encountered uniform problem when we first started. I think the uniform was not ready when we thought it should be. We were a just slightly disappointed at the time and was not bothered too much because we choose this place to learn martial arts.

7/7/16 – Jeff & Jennifer Milde – Los Gatos

We have enjoyed our experience with All-Pro Tae Kwon Do. Master Fanelli has been wonderful in working with both our sons on their confidence, discipline and self defense skills.

3/13/15 – Cindy Ajlouny – San Jose

I’ve been taking my daughter to All-Pro for the last 8 months or so. I am very happy with how Master Fanelli runs the classes. He is very disciplined, yet kind, and the kids enjoy the class! My daughter loves going to her classes twice a week and we hope to continue going. Master Fanelli is the real deal… great instructor, studio is clean and organized, and the kids are happy and learning far more than karate… they are given more confidence and discipline which goes a long way!

3/9/15 – Courtney Fischer – Los Gatos

We joined about 5 months ago. My son was almost 4 and I was a little hesitant not knowing if he would like Tae Kwon Do. Master Fanelli made us feel very comfortable. He met with my son before we started and answered all of our questions. We were looking for an activity our son enjoyed yet helped to instill respect, discipline and self-confidence. All-Pro Tae Kwon Do helped do all of these things. Master Fanelli provides a good balance of structure, training and fun. The age-appropriate games that are played at the end of each session are the absolute highlight for our son. We have been very pleased with the experience we have had thus far.

11/1/14 – Ganna Kuvaldina – Los Gatos

I’ve been in Marital Arts studios around the world and All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio is one of the cleanest, most well organized martial arts studios I’ve visited. Much attention to detail, planning & forethought are necessary to keep the studio in its pristine condition. It also serves as an example of the head instructor and founder Master Fanelli’s commitment and passion to the art of Tae Kwon Do as well as all his students. Students are well treated and I’ve never seen favoritism in this studio. Sometimes to martial arts outsiders and parents too, the environment may appear harsh. Yet, it is in this strict model of learning respect and discipline that one’s character is forged. We learn in a well-controlled environment that when we are knocked down in class and as in life, it is about how we get back up that is most important. Bruce Lee said, “A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence.” It is obvious that today Master Fanelli is now sharing his passion & giving back to all those who wish to learn. Master Fanelli and his staff have my full confidence and it is why my son attends All-Pro Tae Kwon Do.

3/24/14 – Amanda Rosas – Los Gatos

My older son attended All-Pro TKD about 7 years ago, after going to another TKD place. Now, my other son attends All-Pro (Black Belt Program). What brought me back (other than being out of the area for several years), is the commitment to each individual’s progress and goals Master Fanelli encourages. I love the fact that each student is held accountable/responsible for their own actions inside the studio, and that there are clear rules to follow, which is great for a high energy and chatter box 9 year old. Another exceptional factor is that all the leaders knew each kid by name~even my son on his first visit. I think this certainly helps to feel more at ease when you are starting something new, and by yourself. Master Fanelli continuously promotes the best in my child, and also communicates with me frequently regarding my son’s strengths and areas for improvement. I would highly recommend All-Pro for any age looking to better themselves, no matter the reason (Physically/Spiritually/Emotionally/Self discipline).

2/19/14 – Jim Zubillaga – Monte Sereno

I signed up with my 3-1/2 year old son and we really like the classes. Its neat to see the way he has grown and learned along the way. they teach us both respect and disicipline plus its great way to get out of work early and spend time with my son.

2/16/14 – Ryan Rosenberg – Los Gatos

This is an absolutely outstanding studio. We have two boys who have now been in studio for several years. The owner is a great teacher. He does insist on order in the studio, and this takes some adjusting to for both children and parents. But once you do get used to it you realize the value. First of all classes are not disrupted by one or two kids. Second of all the children (and parents) learn they actually can focus on an activity and still have fun. He is absolutely fantastic with children. He has an honest interest in them that they can sense. And he has a sense of humor and likes to have fun with them. There are always games at the end of classes for example. He also runs birthday party events and we’ve been to several. He spends several hours entertaining kids, joking with them, and generally having fun. Anyone who thinks he does not like children is not paying close attention. The studio is extremely well-maintained. The programs are well thought through and consistent. Anyone can get a belt here who comes to class, but they are not just “given away” like in some studios. Making progress here is an actual accomplishment. Now not every studio is a fit for every person. It may well be that Master Fanelli is not for you. That is fine. And Tae Kwon Do is not for every child. My youngest started here, did not like it after 6 months. We let him quit rather than force him. 2 years later he came back to it and now he really likes it. Master Fanelli does push a bit to sign up, come back, and so on. The way I figure it he is running a small business and some if this is required to keep it going. But there are those who don’t like it. If so I suggest you just tell him what you are comfortable with and I’m sure he can adjust. Bottom line: this is a great studio. If you want the best for your children (or for yourself) I strongly suggest you check it out.

1/27/14 – Lisa Keller – Los Gatos

My four year old son attends All-Pro Tae Kwon Do about 2-3 times a week and loves it. I can’t say enough about Master Finelli. He is an excellent teacher and role model. He is firm, communicates clearly his expectations of his students, yet has a compassionate, fun side as well. His students respect him and enjoy coming to class. The class structure is consistent and builds upon what has already been learned. Master Finelli sends a clear message to his students that they are there to become stronger and smarter. His studio is clean and organized and parents enjoy staying to observe while the classes are in session.

A+ in every way…

11/23/13 – Laura Neault – Los Gatos

We started the search for a great martial arts studio for our kids by asking other parents for recommendations and then visiting studios to check out the classes they offered. Our search ended successfully at All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio in Los Gatos. Master Fanelli is a 5th Degree Black Belt with 25+ years of teaching experience, and it shows. My husband & I are continually impressed by Fanelli’s professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm — he is AMAZING with the kids!! He has just the right teaching style to keep them motivated and focused on the martial arts skills that they are learning and practicing. Master Fanelli expects discipline, focus, and effort from the kids because he truly wants them to understand & learn the skills. I have watched my 6-year-old son make great progress, and really enjoy the classes and have fun. Our two-year old daughter watches the classes and can’t wait to join in too when she gets a little older. We highly recommend this studio to anyone looking for a *great* Tae Kwon Do teacher & studio.

9/28/13 – Alex Cuevas – Los Gatos

I’ll take this opportunity to say that you were a fantastic instructor and boss and that I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. It’s because of you that I always strive for self-improvement. Alex Cuevas – (Former student of Master Andrew Fanelli & current student at University of California, Berkeley)

8/26/13 – Jamie Idemoto – Los Gatos

Our sons respect and really enjoy learning from Master Andrew Fanelli. His studio is well-lit, clean, open, and very comfortable for parents to observe during lessons. Classes are available several times during the week, including Saturdays. Master Fanelli provides feedback that helps us extend the philosophy of his practice to life at home and school. We elected to start first with private lessons before graduating to group lessons. Our sons’ self-confidence and self-esteem significantly improved. Most importantly, they are extremely proud to be a part of Master Fanelli’s family of Tae Kwon Do students. Their eyes always light up when I tell them we are going to All Pro Tae Kwon Do!

8/8/13 – John Katsoudas – Los Gatos

One year ago, my 11 year old, 9 year old and I started taking lessons with Master Fanelli at All-Pro Tae Kwon Do. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are currently working toward our green belt! The mix of discipline, strength, and conditioning training has been incredibly valuable for me and my children. The kids are extremely motivated to get to the next level and advance their skills. We enjoy both the group lessons, private lessons and sparring nights. Master Fanelli does a wonderful job of infusing humor, pushing the kids just enough and recognizing progress. I’d highly recommend Master Fanelli and All-Pro Tae Kwon Do.

7/26/13 – Lisa Renner – Los Gatos

My 7 year old son has been taking classes with Master Fanelli for 3 months now. I was concerned about my son switching from a once a week after school program to a studio because my son would need to start over at a white belt. Master Fanelli was understanding and made sure he felt encouraged about his progress. I find Master Fanelli a good balance between encouraging the kids and challenging them to improve and do their best. He is good at telling the kids what they did well and then what they need to improve. He follows that up with telling them their strengths. During class he expects discipline and respect from the kids. Kids will be kids and challenge the rules but he handles it with respect and clear expectations. The kids have the opportunity to try again. My husband and I have found him to be friendly and welcoming to our whole family. I recommend giving the studio a try.

7/16/13 – Rashid Aidun – Los Gatos

Our 3 kids (ages 6,9,12) have been attending All Pro since September 2012. They recently tested and have the Orange belt which motivates the kids to work towards a program and achieve there goals. Master Fanelli teaches respect and discipline which has helped all 3 kids gain more confidence. He spends the time with the kids and is very patient. Even often comes outside and greets the parents and answers there questions. He has a nice clean studio. The higher level students often help with warmups or help teach parts of the class which helps build more confidence as the kids continue the program. The studio is clean and offers nice comfortable chairs inside and outside for the parents, with free WiFi

7/8/13 – Nafisa Motiwala – San Jose

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do is a great studio to learn martial arts and Master Fanelli is a great instructor that enforces on discipline, respect and confidence. My 5 year old daughter has been going for the lessons and we have been very happy with the experience. We have noticed that she has become a little more focussed and has better balance now when she does the kicks and punches. Definitely highly recommended.

3/30/13 – Igor Peshkov – Los Gatos

The studio is a perfect place for children of all ages. Master Fanelli has structured the program to be both fun and educational. My children are learning all about discipline, self-defense technics and getting plenty of exercise while having fun in the process.

I highly recommend this studio to all parents.

4/1/13 – Pacita Tang – Los Gatos

My son joined this studio when he moved to San Jose from Long Beach when he was 14. He is new to school with no friends. Master Fanelli taught him self confidence, patience and determination. He got excellent grades when he finished High School and is now in College. Tae Kwon Do taught him how to be focus better, be independent (lives at the dorm), alert with your surroundings at all times. And hopefully he will be able to come back to get his black belt someday. Love this studio.

3/30/13 – Igor Peshkov – Los Gatos

The studio is a perfect place for children of all ages. Master Fanelli has structured the program to be both fun and educational. My children are learning all about discipline, self-defense technics and getting plenty of exercise while having fun in the process.

I highly recommend this studio to all parents.

3/28/13 – Debra Savage – Saratoga

My 15 year old son started with this studio last year after a long chronic illness with the hopes of rebuilding his strength and taking back up a sport he had been forced to abandon when he became ill. Master Fanelli was respectful and sensitive to his special requirements and was very encouraging. My son is now scheduled to test for his orange belt and has regained a huge amount of confidence in his physicality and coordination. The studio is one of the nicest in the area, large, state-of-the-art, and extremely clean and well ventilated. This is a professionally run studio and a great environment for kids, teenagers, and adults.

3/27/13 – Steve Yep – Sunnyvale

My 13 year old son has been going to All-Pro Tae Kwon Do for over a year and half now. He continues to enjoy the program and has a tremendous amount of respect for Master Fanelli. He has also developed a lot of confidence. Master Fanelli is very good with kids and he has taught my son discipline that has translated into everyday life. I highly recommend. We will being starting our 5 year old in the program as well this summer.

3/26/13 – Bill Lewis – San Jose

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do has been fantastic! I reviewed a lot of studios before deciding and couldn’t be happier. My son is 8 years old and started a couple years ago. He has improved dramatically and really enjoys the classes and friendly atmosphere. We have him attend a couple classes a week and get to choose what days work for our buys schedules. Master Andrew Fanelli helps him to achieve challenging goals in TKD and work at his own pace. Classes are made so he gets a lot of personal instruction. He has learned patience, tolerance, following directions and most important has been able to build up his self-confidence. What a great instructor and great program!

2/28/13 – Heidi Brown – Campbell

Master Fanelli is an excellent Tae Kwon Do instructor. He teaches the children discipline and respect. He also plays games such as dodge ball with the children at the end of class which my son always looks forward to. My son has just recently received his orange belt and is only four and half years old. He loves going to class each week. The studio is very clean.

2/22/13 – Yang Li – Saratoga

My daughter is very active and athletic, she loves to learn all the Tae Kwon Do moves taught by Master Fanelli. It is so much fun for her to learn and play at the studio. I am very happy to see her progress here. Master Fanelli not only gives students professional Tae Kwon Do training, but also teaches kids to be diligent and respectful.

1/15/13 – Christine Carlson – San Jose

Great atmosphere for kids to learn discipline and respect. I appreciate Master Fanelli. He is great with my son. Highly recommended studio!

12/15/12 – Rong Zeng – San Jose

We signed up about 1 month ago and it has been a great experience for my son. He really enjoys the lessons and the games and from which really benefits physically and behavior wise. We like the place because it’s clean and neat.

10/29/12 – Lina Dein – San Jose

Excellent instructor taught my nephews real well! Highly recommend.

10/25/12 – Venkateswaran Patel – Sunnyvale

I have been taking the Muay Thai group classes at All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio for over 3 months now. I love the classes for several reasons: They are fun, always challenging, and every class is different. Master Fanelli integrates bag work, resistance bands, weighs and a boot camp style of teaching to combat boredom and to make sure all of our muscles take notice! Often times, there are beginners as well as advanced participants. Master Fanelli makes sure all levels are being educated on technique while getting a fantastic workout! I have to say, once you go, you are hooked!

10/25/12 – Mike Brown – Los Gatos

We looked at many other Dojangs in the area. We sat in on their classes and spoke with their students. We consistently got very positive feedback from those that attended All-Pro and eventually chose to give them a try. Four months later and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Our daughter is really enjoying the classes as well as learning and practicing the techniques. Master Fanelli is very good with all his students, providing the perfect blend of teaching, discipline and fun that encourages the students while creating a safe environment in which to learn. While our daughter has many activities that she does during the week, Tae Kwon Do has by far become her favorite. We have recommended All-Pro to many of our friends and acquaintances as well. If you are looking for a place to learn Tae Kwon Do from a true World Renown Master who clearly loves what he does, then All-Pro Tae Kwon Do is the place to do it!

10/23/12 – John Niccum – Los Gatos

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio has taught our kids respect for adults and self-discipline. In addition to learning self-defense, they have taught many other valuable life lessons. Master Andrew Fanelli is responsible for our 8 year old refusing junk food and asking for healthy food choices. Our kids know they must get good grades and make wise choices outside of the studio in order to test for their next belt. We strongly recommend All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio for anyone who is thinking of putting their child in a martial arts program.

10/22/12 – Lisa Berry – Los Gatos

I feel so grateful to have found All-Pro Tae Kwon Do for my daughter. It is a very nice studio…. Clean and new. Master Fanelli is amazing with all of the kids who take his classes, he treats everyone with respect. Master Fanelli really believes in his students and makes it a fun place to learn martial arts. He is very professional, always allowing the parents a comfortable place to sit and watch their kids take the class. His interaction with each child is really beautiful to watch. It’s quite obvious that his students like and respect him very much and enjoy their time spent at the studio. I know my daughter and her friends love it and look forward to going every time. I rate this studio A+! Master Fanelli is awesome!

10/22/12 – Andy Horwitz – Los Gatos

Our 5 year old son began classes this summer and loves going to class. We try to keep his classes a week to 3-4 so he does not get burnt out. We had a great first experience with Master Fanelli. We had a month trial certificate we got at a charity event. It was a year old, and Master Fanelli honored it. Our son was able to take his first month of class without investing in anything, not even a dobok (uniform). The first month would have been August, but since we were going away two weeks, and paid for Sept, Master Fanelli gave us the final two weeks of August as part of the signing up, which we were happy about. Our son recently got his yellow belt. It has been over 3 weeks and he is still so proud and excited. The Saturday belt ceremony was simple and perfect for the kids. We thought it was great how Master Fanelli included some of the parents who were taking the class with their kids. Our son has made some great friends at All-Pro and he gets excited when he sees them at school or in the neighborhood. He has started to feel a sense of community with his fellow patrons of All-Pro. As parents, we already see a change in our son, he is learning more discipline while still having a lot of fun. We greatly appreciate that Master Fanelli preaches focus and respect, as these are ideals we want our son to practice. He has a game for the kids at the end of class. All the kids seem to love the games, and Master Fanelli does a good job using the games as a reward system. The studio is always clean. We are glad we started our son at an early age, and can’t wait to start our daughter as soon as she is old enough. At 2, she already wants to do class. I like the discipline in the class but appreciate the balance of discipline and having fun with a bunch of very young kids. We believe Master Fanelli has found a very good balance. We would strongly recommend All-Pro Tae Kwon Do to other kids and families.

10/22/12 – Laura Fang – Los Gatos

Our 7 year old son has been going there since August, 2012. There are a few things we like about: (1) Master Fanelli teaches respect, discipline, and focus to the kids, which is what we expect from a Tae Kwon Do class. There was one time where one kid was rude to the other, Master Fanelli confronted the situation and sat the whole class down to talk about being respectful to each other. (2) When a class gets big, Master Fanelli split them into groups and get them to work on forms at their level. Kids are also called individually to work with assistants (higher belt kids) at the side. (3) There is always 5-10 minute group play time with Master Fanelli (eg. dodge ball, soccer, etc) toward the end of 45 minute session. Kids love it. (4) The studio is clean and spacious (and has Wi-Fi, good for waiting parents). We can tell Master Fanelli’s passion to teach Tae Kwon Do and his effort to run the studio. The bottom line is, our son is getting something out of the class and he is still interested to continue. We would recommend the studio.

9/25/12 – Debbra Mizuki – Campbell

My daughter took Tae Kwon Do at this studio when she was a bit younger and I have to say that it was a great experience. My child was diagnosed with ADHD and this class did wonders to help her become focused in daily life at school and more respectful at home. Master Fanelli is patient and really works hard to encourage your children as well as your whole family. I was really impressed at his attention to detail not only in our child s lessons but also in who he chose as staff member s. I appreciate that there were many class offerings at different times as well as many other events. All Pro offers a family picnic each year and even though my child is not attending TKD classes and is now attending college we are invited each year as if we are family ourselves. It is so great that this is a family run business that treats you as family which is so rare nowadays. Thank you All-Pro Tae Kwon Do for not only giving our child life lessons but also treating us with love and respect. I would highly recommend this business and their service offerings!

10/19/12 – Katherine Volpe – Los Gatos

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do taught my daughter the importance of respect and self discipline. She has learned self defense, a lesson every girl should learn. She also learned through determination she could reach any goal. She set a goal to receive her black belt and did. Any time she got discouraged or frustrated, Master Fanelli would help guide and encourage her. Master Fanelli allows kids to teach others and become self confident in themselves. All of which are very important traits in children. Great studio and would recommend to anyone.

9/25/12 – Debbra Mizuki – Campbell

My daughter took Tae Kwon Do at this studio when she was a bit younger and I have to say that it was a great experience. My child was diagnosed with ADHD and this class did wonders to help her become focused in daily life at school and more respectful at home. Master Fanelli is patient and really works hard to encourage your children as well as your whole family. I was really impressed at his attention to detail not only in our child s lessons but also in who he chose as staff member s. I appreciate that there were many class offerings at different times as well as many other events. All Pro offers a family picnic each year and even though my child is not attending TKD classes and is now attending college we are invited each year as if we are family ourselves. It is so great that this is a family run business that treats you as family which is so rare nowadays. Thank you All-Pro Tae Kwon Do for not only giving our child life lessons but also treating us with love and respect. I would highly recommend this business and their service offerings!

9/25/12 – Samantha Kaye – San Jose

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do has been a wonderful experience for our son. He started at the age of 3 and Master Fanelli was (is) very patient and really worked with our son when he was new to the program. There were several occasions that Master Fanelli would pull our son after class privately to practice for 10-15 minutes because our son was a little apprehensive to go in the back and work with someone other then Master Fanelli on kicks and punches. Master Fanelli definitely works with each child at their own pace but also makes sure to do it in a way that still allows the child to feel part of the class. Master Fanelli has been present as the instructor for 100% of the time our son has attended, which is at least twice a week for over 5 months. Master Fanelli is extremely professional, VERY encouraging towards the children to accomplish their goals and lets the kids move towards goals at their own pace while encouraging them to do better. Safety for children and adults is ALWAYS placed first. We will definitely be enrolling our second son once he becomes old enough.

9/22/12 – Magali Murray – Los Gatos

My daughter joined All-Pro Tae Kwon Do one year ago, coming from another studio. This is an outstanding place. Master Fanelli instills values like discipline and respect while being very nurturing and friendly. He also organized events with world recognized martial arts masters, which contributed to motivate even more the children. My daughter loves this place and we strongly recommend it!

9/21/12 – Colin Clancy – San Jose

I signed up my family for a one month trial of Tae Kwon Do at All-Pro Tae Kwon Do. The age range of my family is from 4 to 45 years old. We attended classes as a family for the month and enjoyed it very much. My children loved learning the kicks, punches, forms, and really enjoyed doing that in a class with their parents. My wife and I enjoyed learning the basic self-defense moves and the workout associated with all these activities. After the first month my son (7) and I signed up for additional classes. In that time we have continued to learn more forms and progressed from white to yellow belt. Master Fanelli does a great job at breaking down the complex forms into smaller moves for practice. We like that we can attend the same class and work together each night, and we like that the class is filled with students of higher belt levels. I believe that we are learning faster because we get to see how the more experienced students are moving and we can then model our moves after them. During the summer my son had his birthday party at the studio. Master Fanelli expended a great deal of energy teaching and entertaining the kids at the party. It was the most physically active party I have ever seen for young children. To top it off Master Fanelli dressed up in the Tae Kwon Do Panda costume which all the kids loved.

9/20/12 – Sam Hahn – Saratoga

All-Pro Tae Kwon Do was highly recommended to us by a close family friend, so my wife went in to check it out. Our daughter was invited to try out some classes at no obligation, and was enthusiastic right away. She likes and respects Master Fanelli – his students want to do their best for him – and we think the regard is mutual! The students are motivated to focus and work hard, while having fun. Besides the experienced quality instruction, as parents we appreciate the clean, comfortable studio with wifi, easy communication with Master Fanelli, the website, the location, and the schedule flexibility. Thumbs up from our family!