Pre-Teens & Teens

Ages 8 – 17

Every parent wants their pre-teens & teens to succeed in life. The tools needed for this are discipline, confidence, respect, and self esteem. All-Pro Tae Kwon Do brings out these qualities in your pre-teens & teens. The results are amazing: better grades, improved physical agility, much improved behavior, listening skills, mental alertness and the achievement of self motivating skills. When pre-teens & teens feel good about themselves, peer pressure is greatly reduced. When the body is respected, the need for drugs and alcohol becomes eliminated. When your pre-teens & teens are disciplined they become focused in their daily tasks. They become leaders and everyone notices the difference, especially themselves.

How do I get started?

Call to have an All-Pro Tae Kwon Do representative contact you to schedule an appointment, or give us a call and we will get you started on your exciting new training in the martial arts.

All new students at All-Pro Tae Kwon Do start with an introductory private (one-on-one) session designed to teach them some basic techniques, give them a chance to visit the studio with a guided tour, meet Grandmaster Andrew Fanelli, review the class options, pricing packages, and find out about the programs & benefits of the Martial Arts. In the introductory session which consists of one private (10/15 minute) lesson, we will show you exercises to develop your flexibility and Self-Defense skills that could help you get out of a difficult situation. Our exclusive “Black Belt Program” systematically takes you from the beginner level all the way to the coveted Black Belt.

For more information call: 408-358-6042 or e-mail Grandmaster Andrew Fanelli at to start your FREE Introductory Private Lesson.